Download this Job Description as a PDF: JOB DESCRIPTION SMUK CIC Finance and Transparency

LENGTH 6 MONTHS with option to renewal dependent on funding
RENUMERATION £24,000 p.a. (pro rata)
START DATE April 2018

The Save Movement is a worldwide network of groups bearing witness to farmed animals, advocating veganism, and promoting love-based grassroots activism. Our goals are to raise awareness about the plight of farmed animals, to help people become vegan, and to build a mass-based and community-organised animal justice movement. The Save Movement started in December 2010 with Toronto Pig Save, and began in the UK in February 2016 at Manchester Pig Save. There are now over 50 groups in the UK bearing witness and working for animal justice.

Save Movement UK Community Interest Company (SMUK CIC) is a newly-formed entity set up as a small, agile hub to serve and support from a non-hierarchical position the 50+ autonomous UK Save groups, and to help grow the movement in the UK and Ireland in a robust and sustainable way. SMUK CIC provides four key areas of support service to the UK and Ireland network, and exists to:

  • Provide meeting organisation and convening services for individuals involved in the community who are based in disparate areas of the UK and who will benefit from access to these services;
  • Provide guidance on fundraising, financial management and acting transparently to individuals within the community who need to access these services;
  • Provide media training and representation, campaigns and outreach skills development, and cultural education training to individuals within the community who need access to these services;
  • Provide support for establishing new volunteer groups and services for individuals within the; community who need access to these services.

We are now looking for a Finance and Transparency Lead who can act as the responsible member for exploring fundraising options for both SMUK CIC and the wider network, as well as holding responsibility for encouraging and implementing policies to ensure transparency across the movement in the UK and Ireland.

Reporting to the Director of SMUK CIC and working alongside fellow co-workers, the main responsibilities for this Finance and Transparency Lead role are:

  1. Develop practices and guidelines for good financial and organisational transparency within a predominantly grassroots animal rights movement, especially around fundraising, finance and interpersonal communication;
  2. Ensure clear and regular communication between the UK Save Movement groups and SMUK CIC around funds, fundraising and fellowships to ensure all parties within the movement are regularly updated on how SMUK CIC and other parties in the movement are operating;
  3. Look into and propose a range of fundraising options as well as financial management processes related to those options for the different sizes, shapes and operating profiles of the autonomous Save UK groups, including different sources of funding available;
  4. Provide to the SMUK CIC Director support for ensuring the community interest company meets its HMRC and Companies House legal and financial requirements;
  5. Organise and convene an SMUK Conflict Resolution Group that will provide conflict support and safeguarding services for the autonomous groups;
  6. When needed, attend vigils, events, talks and festivals to represent SMUK CIC and the wider Save Movement, and to promote the movement’s ethos and activities to other animal liberation and justice groups, and well as to the public; this is a shared responsibility across the roles.

The successful candidate will:

  • Have a deep knowledge and commitment to the values and practices of the Save Movement and broader engagement with the animal rights field;
  • Follow a vegan lifestyle;
  • Have a background or experience in one or a number of the fields of fundraising, financial management, accounting, transparency, conciliation services, and/or project management;
  • Be an excellent communicator in both face-to-face situations and written formats;
  • Have a deep empathy for all living beings, including other humans with whom they both agree and disagree, and work well with others in often stressful and challenging situations;
  • Be organised, self-motivated and able to manage a portfolio of tasks and obligations with minimum fuss or need for hands-on management;
  • Be registered as self-employed and/or sole trader with HMRC for purposes of paying their own tax, NI and pension contributions;
  • Be able to travel on a fairly regular basis.

We are committed to ensuring the Save Movement in the UK is a diverse, loving, accepting and non-discriminatory movement, and we strongly welcome applications from those outside of white, cis-gendered male dominant cultural groups, although every application will be assessed on its merit.

To apply, please send your CV and a covering letter addressing your suitability to carry out the above responsibilities and why you feel you would succeed in this role to

The deadline is 1159pm on March 15th

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact SMUK CIC Director Alex Lockwood on the above email or 07974 725 778.